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ILDA 3W 5W RGB Animation Laser Light -NF8 Series

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Product Selling Points:

  • Ktvlasers NF8 Series 3- 5W provides entry-level light show lasers solutions All systems are equipped with fast 15-20kpps scanners with analog/TTL modulation.
  • The NF8 Series club laser lighting each projector comes with fast scanners for smooth projections. 128 patterns and animations are built in the motherboard. which makes the F8 show lasers suitable for various indoor laser show .
  • Our NF8 nightclub lasers source: Full laser lights stability long service life.
  • NF8 laser beam light design: There are power protection system devices dust-proof moisture-proof anti-corrosion anti-rust and a sealing system.
  • The NF8 dmx laser made of analog/TTL laser modulation. Users can dimmer the laser brightness linearly to makes the laser light colorful.Can perform dynamic 3D beam laser show projector animation performance suitable for small size indoor laser show
  • stage lighting lasers graphics selection
  • (1) beam mixed: sheet dircles waves boxes points
  • (2) cartoon mixed: KTV Halloween Christmas Wedding Animals.

Product Specifications

  • Power supply:AC110/220V 50-60Hz±10%
  • Rated power:max 200W
  • Laser power:RGB1-5W
  • Laser modulated signal:analog or TTL modulation
  • Type of laser:imported semiconductor solid-state laser
  • Beam diameter at the aperture:<6mm
  • Beam divergence:max 1.3mrad
  • Laser wavelength:red 635 or 638±5nm green 532 or 520±5nm blue 450±5nm
  • Galvanometer scanning system:15-40KPPS high speed scanning
  • Control mode:international standard ILDA control /DMX512 signal control /self-walk/voice control/master-slave
  • Control interface:international ILDA DB25 interface international DXM512 can connect with American pangolin laser software and tiger pearl MA controlleretc.
  • Safety function:one beam protection no signal to close the light etc
  • Suitable places:show .dacing hall club Bar and other enterntainment venues
  • Working environment:indoor (-30~40 degrees)
  • Packing:carton case

Ktvlasers NF8 laser light
Imagine the visual drama of a Dual RGB FAT BEAM aerial effect laser that lets you create laser color combinations by mixing red green and blue laser lights. That's the power of Ktvlasers NF8 laser-light animation.
This laser has 32 built-in patterns including the popular Animation Laser effect for breathtaking visuals which are nice for events with fog or haze.
Restore a more realistic white laser light show
NF8 Series 5W color laser stage lighting is mainly designed for rental performance projects.
This color laser light is optimized according to the white balance characteristics of the camera CCD which can resore a more realistic white laser under the camera and camera Equipped with the Dragon Tiger galvanometer DT-50B this stage DJ laser lights galvanometer has always been known for its superior performance and long life. The scanning angle of the laser animation reaches 60 degrees and the speed is 15~40Kpps.
DMX-512 for programming
Built-in Moncha.Lite controller you can use DMX-512 for programming control or set it to automatically play when power is on.
CN Standard Edition does not include Scanner-Safety and single-point protection functions for the failure of laser beam light scanning.Ktvlasers NF8 laser light
Ktvlasers NF8 laser light systems feature a unique dual mirror output with scan/speed adjustment so you can generate customized ever-changing laser shows using programmable pan tilt and zoom effects with separate X Y and Z rolling images.
This fixture is variance-free and ready to use right out of the box. Easily operate NF8 laser display systems in automatic Master/Slave manual or sound-activated mode.
Reinforced fixed mounting holes
This colorful animated laser light is light weight and comes with a 360-degree infinite boom.
The newly designed 360-degree drop pendant allows this laser light to be installed or hoisted anywhere and at any angle.
The use of reinforced fixed mounting holes allows you to use a larger size light hook during the installation of the laser light to accommodate the hoisting of booms or stage trusses up to 60mm in diameter.

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Example title

Example title

Example title

ILDA 3W 5W RGB Animation Laser Light -NF8 Series-dressweeks ILDA 3W 5W RGB Animation Laser Light -NF8 Series-dressweeks ILDA 3W 5W RGB Animation Laser Light -NF8 Series-dressweeks ILDA 3W 5W RGB Animation Laser Light -NF8 Series-dressweeks ILDA 3W 5W RGB Animation Laser Light -NF8 Series-dressweeks ILDA 3W 5W RGB Animation Laser Light -NF8 Series-dressweeks ILDA 3W 5W RGB Animation Laser Light -NF8 Series-dressweeks ILDA 3W 5W RGB Animation Laser Light -NF8 Series-dressweeks

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